An antidote is an agent that relieves, prevents or counteracts unwanted effects. Let us help you find the antidote to your musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and movement dysfunction.

We incorporate hands-on soft tissue therapies to promote healing and expansion of the body’s natural functionality. By restoring mobility, improving circulation, and decreasing stress and strain, manual intervention can greatly improve movement, mood, and overall wellness.

Whether you require relaxation or therapeutic measures, injury rehabilitation or workout recovery, every treatment application is unique and fully customized to your individual needs, with the goal of cultivating healthy physical capacity.

The body is incredibly capable of self-healing, it simply requires the proper expertise and patience to facilitate meaningful change.⁣ ~Danelle Warner, LMT

Your Therapist


Danelle Warner, Licensed Massage Therapist, owner Antidote Functional Therapies
As an athlete seeking relief from the discomfort of injuries and chronic pain, it was the curative forces of manual therapy that inspired her to become a therapist herself. Versed in a variety of modalities, she utilizes myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and Functional Range Systems to not only treat injury and pain, but improve the quality of a person’s movement and promote overall joint health and longevity.


Manual Therapy + Movement Optimization

This careful combination of assessment, soft tissue management and mobility rehabilitation combines both passive and active care to assist in recovery, athletic performance and the alleviation of chronic pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Pressure dependent on preference, from gentle to deep, soft tissue is engaged and guided to soothe tension and promote relaxation of both mind and body.

Mobility Restoration / Training

Develop active, usable ranges of motion through Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) principles.⁣ These private or small group sessions are challenging, but accessible to any skill set. This version of mobility training not only carries over to athleticism, but most importantly daily movement.

Prenatal Massage

Customized to meet the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, prenatal massage eases discomfort, reduces stress on weight bearing joints, encourages circulation and promotes overall emotional and physical wellness for mothers-to-be.